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Brush Care

Makeup brush care and knowing how to properly clean your makeup brushes will save you money and your skin! Every time you use your brushes, they become contaminated with your skin oils and bacteria. So cleaning your brushes will help prevent microorganisms from building up on your brushes. Your brushes should be cleaned at least once per week with a mild natural cleanser.

Washing Your Brushes:

Run your brushes under warm water.

Apply the cleanser to the bristles.

Gently massage the cleanser into the hair fibers. DO NOT place the brush handle in water.

Always point your brushes downward, making sure not to get water into the part of the brush that connects to the handle and the bristles. This would loosen the bristles, causing the brush to shed.

Continue to wash the brush thoroughly, but gently, until there is no more color coming from the bristles.

Gently squeeze out any extra water, re-shape the bristles if needed and lay flat to dry. Never stand your brushes upright to dry.

Once your brushes are dry, store them in a clean container, makeup case or plastic bag. This will prevent dust and mold spores from ending up on your makeup brushes and your skin.