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Find Your "Nubian Shade"

Women of color come in many shades and undertones, so it’s imperative that you know your undertone, to help determine which color foundation will work best for you. Not knowing your undertone could have you purchasing makeup that matches your skin color but not the undertone, which can make women of color look ashy or unnatural. Learn more on how you can find your shade makeup, so that you look like you're wearing your own skin when applying foundation.

Skin undertones are the cast like shadow colors that lie beneath your skin tone. This shadow has a distinct color that never changes. Although your skin color may change from season to season your undertone never changes.

To help determine your undertone, here’s a little tip to help you. Turn your wrist under side up and look at the color of your veins.

What color are they?

Can you determine the color of your veins?

If you can, they will appear either blue or green in color. This will give you a strong indication of your undertone.

If your veins appear blue in color then you fall into the cool family.

If your veins appear green in color then you fall into the warm family.

If you can’t determine your vein color or if they appear to be both green and blue then you fall in the neutral family. Neutral undertones are less noticeable in color and can not always be clearly recognized.

Cool: undertones that consist of pink, blue to red tint. People with cool undertones look good in silver or platinum jewelry.

Neutral: undertones that consist of blue, red, golden or bronze tint. People with neutral undertones look good in silver, platinum or gold jewelry.

Warm: undertones that consist of yellow, golden or peach tint. People with warm undertones look good in gold jewelry.

By being a woman of color, we all have a little yellow in our skin tone; however, some of us have more red or bluish undertones overriding the yellow and others have more bronze or golden. A few can even have little bit of greenish undertone depending on the light.

Light tone women of color fall in the warm family with golden, yellow or peach undertones. Darker/Ebony tone women of color fall in the cool family with blue to red undertones.

It is also important to know that your skin tone changes with the seasons and with age, which is why it’s a good idea to buy makeup for the year in winter, and then again in the summer. So be sure to purchase a lighter foundation to match your natural skin color during fall and winter, and another foundation shade to match your skin color during the spring and summer season.

Once you know your skin’s undertone color your will have the knowledge you need to personalize, customize and match colors that are just the right fit for you.

Always remember, your skin tone will change but your undertone will remain the same. Keep this in mind when shopping for cosmetics, clothes or even hair color.

Please Note: Knowing your undertone will not guarantee that one particular shade will be a good fit. We always recommend purchasing several samples that match with your undertone to help you confirm which Nubian Shade will best fit you.

Still need help? Please consult the advice of our Makeup Expert